Founded in 2017, Youth for Change Civil Society Development NGO has become a platform for youth to speak up about issues that they encounter, covering a number of aspects of gender equality, youth participation, media freedom, democratization, and civil society development. NGO aims to raise vital issues that are not much spoken about, but the higher objective is to find solutions for all those problems, that are spoken of but not solved.

Some of our key activities include

Youth participation and engagement in decision-making processes
Non-formal education for young people
Youth unemployment and labor market issues
Gender equality advocacy
Civil society cooperation

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Youth for Change NGO has been established by young people for young people. It strives to support the dynamic development of non-formal education in Armenia focusing on awareness on vital topics such as Women Agenda, Equality and Equity, freedom of speech and political pluralism among youth. Building and maintaining a strong youth community of ambitious individuals who are passionate about becoming an active part of the huge decision-making system able to influence policies and actions at all different levels.


Core values lying in the basis of all activities initiated by YFC are:

● Freedom
● Integrity
● Equality
● Equity
● Transparency
● Sustainability


Our vision is to be part of the will aiming to build a civil society conscious, educated,
informed, and responsible enough to face all the challenges and to never distract from its greatest mission of defending country interests and benefiting the improvement of the community.